Shaggy rug

Carpet is the dominant agent home silk wool texture, comfort. More suitable for modern home life. More suitable for modern home life.

Product NameShaggy carpet
UsageLiving room bedroom
ColorCustomized Color
Pile heightRegular 3.5cm
SizeCustomized Accepted
ApplicationLivingroom Bedroom
ShapeRectangle, Square, Round, Oval, Leaf, Heart Shape, Star etc
FeaturesWashable/Sound absorbed/Anti-skid/Waterproof/Anti-static/Anti-fatigue/Eco-friendly
Place of OriginTianjin, China

Fabric material characteristics


The surface material of the carpet is relatively soft and will not be damaged or cracked by scratches from hard or sharp objects. And has good water resistance. This allows if water is accidentally spilled on the carpet, it will not immediately absorb the moisture but will remain somewhat dry.

Carpet cleaning is relatively simple, just wipe it with a dry cloth or vacuum it. This type of cleaning easily removes surface stains and dust without causing damage to the carpet’s fibers.

Carpet maintenance is also relatively easy. Regular cleaning and maintenance using a mild detergent is generally recommended to maintain the appearance and performance of your carpet. In addition, in order to extend the service life of the carpet, it is also necessary to avoid prolonged direct sunlight and high temperature baking.

Anti static

The anti-static principle of shaggy rug is mainly achieved by adding conductive fibers during the production process. Conductive fiber is a fiber material that can conduct electrostatic charges. It can conduct electrostatic charges to the ground, thereby preventing static electricity from accumulating on the surface of the material.

In addition, due to the presence of conductive fibers, even in a dry environment, people will not generate static charges due to friction when walking on the carpet. This helps reduce the harm caused by static electricity to the human body, such as the impact on skin, eyes and other parts.


The wear resistance of fabrics is mainly reflected through their fiber structure and material characteristics.

The fiber structure of its material is the key to its wear resistance. It is composed of many small fibers that interweave with each other, forming a stable structure. Due to the friction between fibers, the fabric has high wear resistance.

The characteristics of the fabric itself also affect its wear resistance. It has high hardness and elasticity, which enables it to better maintain its shape and integrity when subjected to wear and tear. In addition, the fabric also has certain tensile strength and tear resistance, which provide additional guarantees for its wear resistance.


Carefully selected silk wool material, soft and comfortable.


Neat and seamless hemming technology.


The non-woven bottom back is more slip resistant and closely fits with the ground

We promise that all PV Velvet carpets and rugs:

1. Environmentally material and viscose used during production, and no harm for the body.

2. All carpets can be wash but color is solid which can be used for a long time.

3. Waterproof and anti-slip dots attached on the backing to make sure the safty during use.

Example of solid color

Example of Tie Dye Colors

Example of graphic pattern

Welcome to inquire about more colors.

Customizable in any shape, welcome to consult.