3D Thermal Transfer Printing Carpet

Place of OriginTianjin, China
Material100% Polyester
TechnicsThermal Transfer Printing
Pile weightabout 260g
Pile heightabout 6mm
UseHome, Hotel, Kitchen, Floor
ServiceSize Rug Acceptable
ShapeCustom Shape
Delivery time7-15 Days
QualityHigh Grade
PackagePlastic bag
CareVacuum, machine wash soft mode

3D Thermal Transfer Printing Carpetis a process that uses heat and pressure to transfer patterns and designs from hot transfer paper to the surface of a carpet. The process involves the following steps:

1.Design and create hot transfer paper: Designers and technicians need to create hot transfer paper based on customer requirements, which can be customized with different patterns and designs.

2.Select suitable hot transfer materials: The hot transfer materials should match the carpet materials to ensure the best transfer effect. Common materials used include polyester fiber, cotton, wool, etc.

3.Place the hot transfer paper on the carpet: Place the hot transfer paper onto the carpet ensuring that the pattern and design match perfectly.

4.Use a hot press for heat pressing: Use a hot press to transfer the pattern and design from the hot transfer paper onto the carpet. The temperature and time need to be controlled during this process to ensure the best transfer effect.

5.Check and trim: After the hot transfer process is complete, check for any flaws or defects on the carpet and perform necessary trimming to ensure the quality and appearance meet customer expectations.

Overall, hot transfer printing carpet is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and personalized method of carpet production that provides customers with customized, high-quality carpet products.

Details Images

High quality with color rendering

Use 3D Thermal Transfer Printing can customized any patterns.Better color rendering with flat surface.

Machine-Made Overlock

Lock edge technology, beautiful,not easy to open the edge blanket surface soft.

There layer architecture process

Dry and wet separation and bottom non-slip with high quality.

Anti – Slip plastic dot

Our rug feature thousands of non slip rubber dots that help hold in place on clean surfaces, and hold up even with kids and pets.

Multiple carpet fabrics available for selection

There are 6 print fabrics available from below, Different fabrics have different characteristics, we can recommend suitable fabrics according to your patterns and needs

Crystal velvet carpet

Crystal velvet carpet is a carpet made of a new type of modified ultrafine polyester fiber, which has many advantages.

Firstly, the surface glossiness of the crystal velvet carpet is very good, using a new type of modified ultrafine polyester fiber. The fluff is coral like, and its water absorption is much better than that of pure cotton fabric. It has the characteristics of easy drying, no water stains, no mold, no stains, and antibacterial and hygienic properties.

In addition, crystal velvet carpets also have a certain degree of thermal insulation effect, with excellent thermal insulation performance.

Pashmina carpet

Pashmina carpet is a traditional Iranian carpet with a history that can be traced back to ancient times. The manufacturing process of ancient carpets was very complex, requiring multiple processes and manual weaving.

The patterns and colors of Pashmina carpets are very unique, usually themed around geometric shapes, flowers, animals, and people. The color matching and pattern design of the carpet reflect the characteristics of Iranian culture and traditional handicrafts.

In addition, Pashmina carpets are usually made of natural fiber materials such as wool, silk, or cotton thread. The density and texture of carpets are very high, providing excellent warmth and comfort.

Flannel carpet

Flannel carpet is a type of carpet made mainly of wool, which has characteristics such as softness, comfort, and warmth retention.

The surface of a flannel carpet has a fine layer of fluff, which can provide excellent warmth retention. 

In addition, flannel carpets also have good stain resistance and durability, making them suitable for homes, offices, and other places. The patterns and colors of flannel carpets are also very diverse, which can meet the needs of different occasions and decorative styles.

Overall, flannel carpet is a very high-quality home carpet material that can provide a comfortable, warm, and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Dornier carpet

Dornier carpet was originally a type of textile produced by the German Dornier company, which has many characteristics.

Firstly, the fiber content of the Donil carpet is 50% cotton, 20% rayon, and 30% other fibers. This fiber combination helps to provide good sound absorption and a soft and comfortable foot feel.

Secondly, the bottom fabric of the Donil carpet adopts a non-woven dot plastic anti slip bottom, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance and not easy to slip. 

In addition, the Donil carpet is also easy to clean. General oil stains can be wiped with alcohol, or the carpet surface can be cleaned with foam carpet cleaner.

Ice velvet carpet

Ice velvet carpet is a high-end carpet made of polyester fiber. It is soft, delicate and warm. It is very suitable for living rooms, corridors, stages, etc.

Appearance: The surface of the ice flower velvet carpet is fine and shows a pattern similar to ice flowers, which looks very three-dimensional.

Warmth retention: Due to the thick texture of ice flower velvet carpet, it has good warmth retention properties and is suitable for use in cold seasons.

Maintenance: Ice velvet carpets require regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their beauty and service life. It is recommended to use a professional carpet cleaner for cleaning.

Loop pile carpet

The pile surface of the loop pile carpet is composed of pile loops that maintain a certain height. It has the characteristics of neat and uniform pile loops, moderate and smooth carpet surface hardness, comfortable walking, good wear resistance, and easy cleaning. It is suitable for places with a lot of walking. layout. The pattern can be displayed by changing the height of the pile loops or cutting some of the pile loops. Loop pile carpets are divided into three categories: small loop pile carpets, large loop pile carpets and high and low loop pile carpets. Small loop pile carpet is soundproof, wear-resistant, moisture-proof and anti-static, making it an ideal office floor covering material. Large loop pile carpets are comfortable to the feet, have good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects and are widely used in office carpets and home carpets. High and low loop pile carpets are generally in one color, mostly warm tones, and are woven into different patterns with high and low loops. They are mainly used as carpets in hotel rooms and corridors.

Multiple patterns to choose from

Pattern Customization

Can customize your pattern for production

Product packaging

Please communicate with us if you need special packaging form

1. Neat hemming to avoid creases,Solid binding without leaving a mark

2. Professional packing belt is waterproof,moisture-proof and abrasion proof

3. Conventional woven bag package Or customized carton package