Faux rabbit fur rug

Materialsurface material: Polyester 100%
Bottom material: Cotton cloth or Anti-slip plastic dot
Back materialSuede backing orCanvas backing
Size120*180cm,140*200cm,160*230cm,50*80cm,80*120cm,(or Customized)
FeaturesReasonable price with high quality, High-grade Elegant
Colorful, warm ,soft, Comfortable, suitable for travel use and easy to carry
Good choice for gifts, promotional program and home using
Place of OriginTianjin, China
Packingpacked with plastic bag or Carton ,roll packed,or as customer's requirement
ColorCustomizable colors
Rugs by RoomBedroom, Living Room

Faux rabbit fur rug are usually made of artificial wool or synthetic materials. It is a common type of carpet with some characteristics:

Beautiful appearance:

The fur of the Faux rabbit fur rug is fine and dense, giving people a delicate and soft feeling, which is very comfortable. The material is elastic, not only comfortable to step on, but also can fit the body curve well, giving a feeling of closeness without causing skin irritation.

Anti static:

The anti-static principle of Faux rabbit fur rug is mainly achieved by adding conductive fibers to the carpet fibers. Conductive fibers can transmit static charges generated on the surface of carpets to the ground, thereby avoiding the accumulation of static charges.

When people walk or rub on the carpet, due to the presence of conductive fibers on the surface of the carpet, static charges can be quickly transmitted to the ground, avoiding the accumulation of static charges. This not only reduces the harm of static electricity to the human body, but also prevents static electricity from adsorbing dust and odors on the carpet.

Strong warmth retention:

Faux rabbit fur rug is made of many small fluff, which can catch the air and form a warm air layer, thereby increasing the warmth retention effect of the carpet.
There is a large amount of air between the fluff of Faux rabbit fur rug, which can block the external cold air and form a protective layer, ensuring that the temperature inside the carpet does not dissipate, thus playing a warm role.

Easy to clean: 

The surface material of the Faux rabbit fur rug is waterproof, so it is not easy to absorb dust and dirt. Even if you accidentally spill drinks or food on the carpet, just wipe it with a dry cloth, which is very convenient for cleaning.




Example of solid color

Color customization

Color can be adjusted according to the color number

Example of Tie Dye Colors



Indulge in supreme comfort with our Faux Rabbit Fake Fur Area Rug. Its top-grade thick pile is ultra-plush and provides the best skin-feel, soothing your tired feet. This soft and fluffy rug is perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or as a cozy addition to your couch. The non-slip leather-like bottom ensures that the rug stays in place. Cleaning is a breeze with just a damp cloth or machine wash. Available in assorted colors.


  • Ultra-plush top-grade thick pile
  • Non-slip leather-like bottom
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Versatile for use in different rooms
  • Available in assorted colors


xtremely soft,smooth silky and delicate.

Exquisite stitching


1. Suede Backing

2. Anti slip Backing

3. Canvas Backing

4. TPR Backing


No shedding, no odor health and safety.

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