Leather floor mat

ShapeRectangle&round and customized
FeatureWashable, stain Resistant, Non-Slip, PET FRIENDLY
UseKitchen, bedroom, balcony, bathroom
ColorCustomized Color
LogoCustom Logo Accepted
PackingCustom Packing
Delivery Time7-15 days

Product Features

Soft material

Floor mats are usually made of soft leather, which itself has a certain cushioning and shock absorption effect. When people step on soft leather mats, the impact force on the soles of their feet can be alleviated to a certain extent, thereby providing shock absorption effect.

Good elasticity

The leather floor mats feature a high elasticity index, which allows them to quickly bounce back and resume their normal state after being pressed by gravity. Walking on these mats is effortless and comfortable, and their elasticity helps to alleviate human fatigue. Additionally, they can prevent kitchen items that are prone to breakage, such as ceramic glass, from falling to the ground and shattering, while also protecting the floor from scratches.

High slip resistance

The leather floor mat’s bottom features a corrugated anti-slip design that provides a strong grip and effectively prevents slipping. Leather floor mats offer exceptional protection, particularly in wet and slippery areas like kitchens and bathrooms, to prevent accidents.

Oil and waterproof

Leather’s inherent characteristics make it effectively resistant to the invasion of oil and water stains. Leather floor mats can offer exceptional protection and prevent stains on floors in areas like kitchens with abundant oil fumes and water damage.

Free cutting

It can be cut according to usage needs, featuring flat and non-separating sections.

High color fastness

The leather floor mats produced by our company have high color stability. This is mainly due to the high-quality dyeing process and high-quality surface coating materials we use. During the production process, we strictly control every step, including dyeing and coating treatment, to ensure the durability and stability of the floor mat color.

Pattern Customization

Can customize your pattern for production

Multiple usage scenarios